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Author of the book "Time to Mind"

Prof. Gian Carlo Cocco

50 years of experience in the enhancement of Human Capital and human resources

Prof. Gian Carlo Cocco is the president of Time to Mind SA, and coordinates the Scientific Committee and is the author (among more than 25 texts) of the book “Time to Mind, published by FrancoAngeli .

Referring the complete bibliography and list of Prof. Cocco’s publications to his official website, we remind you that he is currently a university lecturer in “Managerial Intelligences” and “Economics of Human Capital” at e-Campus University, a management consultant and has been a member of the Register of Psychologists in Italy since its founding.

Born in 1943, he began his practice in 1966. He is a constant observer of the evolution of management, with a particular focus on neuroscience. He develops innovation in his fields of study.

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