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General rules and definitions

By using the services linked to the website “Time to Mind” – (hereinafter referred to as ‘the services’ or ‘the service’), you must comply with the conditions and terms of use set forth below. These ‘Terms of Use’ (hereinafter also referred to as ‘conditions’) apply to “Time to Mind SA”, the owner of the domain “” and the administrator of the content of the site and related services.

Time to Mind SA (hereinafter referred to as “T2M”), reserves the right to change, add or remove portions of these conditions by notifying interested parties by posting changes on the site directly or by e-mail. It is necessary for each user to periodically check these conditions to determine the changes that have occurred since the last visit to the site. In any case, the use of the site and its services implies acceptance of the changes that have occurred in the meantime.

If the changes are not accepted, you may cancel your account at any time by writing to or by sending a registered letter with return receipt addressed to Time to Mind SA, in any case the continued use of the services will imply acceptance of the new conditions.

T2M reserves the right to modify, suspend, or even partially discontinue services, including access to the database or content. T2M may also introduce limitations on access or service, in whole or in part without notice and without assuming responsibility for such limitations.

Site content and services and user use

The contents and services of the “Time to Mind” site are intended for both personal (non-professional) and professional use. All materials published on the site (including, for example, informational articles, photographs, images, illustrations, audio and/or video recordings, hereafter also referred to as ‘content’) are protected by copyright laws and are the property of the publisher or those who legitimately have related rights. The user is required to respect any additional information that may be on the site in relation to the intellectual property of the content accessed through the site services.

The site services and its contents are protected by the copyright laws in force in Switzerland and by international copyright laws. You may not modify, publish, transmit, share, transfer for use for any reason, reproduce (beyond the limits specified below), reprocess, distribute, perform, give access to, or commercially exploit the content or services in any way (including software) of this site, even in part.

You are authorized, for personal use only, to download or copy the content and any other downloadable materials available through the site services, provided that you faithfully reproduce all copyright and other notices on the site. Reproduction and collection of any content for reasons other than personal use is expressly prohibited in the absence of express prior permission in writing from T2M or the copyright holder as indicated on the site.

Content that comes from news agencies or other sites, is published by the site administrator who assumes no responsibility for incompleteness, inaccuracies, errors, omissions about the integrity of the information and is not responsible for any consequential damages.

The “rss” service consisting of information content downloadable to the computer via “aggregation programs” is made accessible for personal use only and any use for commercial purposes is excluded. Any other use, including, for example, inserting advertising messages, linking to products or extending delivery for advertising purposes is prohibited in any way. You may not modify or distribute in any way the “rss” services and links originating from the “Time to Mind” site to third parties. The “rss” service and its contents are protected by Swiss copyright law and relevant international regulations.

The site administrator reserves the right to discontinue the “rss” service at any time and to prevent the user from using the downloaded material in any way, without limitation and without notice. The publisher assumes no responsibility in connection with the “rss” content and service and its use with respect to damage or limitations on the use of the websites, computers that have been used the mentioned content and services.

Service access and availability. Use of links

The “Time to Mind” site contains links to other Internet resources. T2M is not responsible for the actual accessibility and availability of these external resources to its site, nor its content. Therefore, the user is encouraged to contact the administrator or webmaster of the external sites if he/she encounters problems with the content in question.

Registration and security

As part of the registration process, users must choose their user ID and password.

You may not choose another person’s user ID with the intention of using his or her identity. You also may not use another person’s user ID without that person’s express permission. It is also prohibited to use a user ID that the website administrator, in his or her discretion, deems to be infringing on the rights of third parties, or otherwise offensive or scandalous.

The password chosen by the user when registering for services and entered in the form is personal and non-transferable. Users must keep the password with the utmost care and keep it confidential to prevent use of the service by unauthorized third parties. Therefore, the same will be responsible for the use, by authorized or unauthorized third parties, of the aforementioned identifiers, as well as any damage caused to the owner, T2M and / or third parties, for failure to comply with the above .

Failure to comply with these rules will result in a violation of these Terms of Use and may result in the immediate cancellation of the offending party’s account. In case of actual or potential unauthorized use of your account, you are encouraged to report it by writing to or by sending a registered letter with return receipt addressed to T2M, providing any detailed information about the violation and notification of loss, unauthorized password compromise, theft of personal information.

You understand that you must be at least 18 years old to register for the service as a “Client” User, although people of all ages can access the service as a “Participant” User. Minors under the age of 18 must be assisted and authorized by parental authority.

You are fully responsible for any action taken through your account, either directly or through third parties authorized by you. Any misuse, fraudulent or otherwise illegal use is cause for immediate deletion of the account, at the discretion of the owner (T2M) and administrator of the site, without prejudice to the exercise of any legal action by the entitled parties.

Costs and payments for services

Site services are free unless otherwise specified. T2M reserves the right to provide a fee for access to parts of the site, specific services, or the entire site. In any case, T2M will not charge a fee unless it has previously obtained express adherence to such an offer. Therefore, if T2M charges a fee in the future for access to parts of the site or services that are currently free of charge, the user will receive a notice detailing such fees, providing the user with an explicit opportunity to opt-in to the service. In case of acceptance, the user will pay such fee in the form chosen by him at the cost that will be defined at the time of acceptance of the service. No payments to the User are allowed without his prior express acceptance of the “Conditions of refund and cancellation of purchase“.

Communications between T2M and the user

Should the user have to indicate in the online registration form that he/she wishes to receive information from T2M, the site administrator and related parties, with his/her consent, in accordance with current legislation: the user’s contact information may be used, for example, for sending promotional material related to these topics.

In any case, T2M reserves the right to send you communications by electronic mail to inform you of changes or additions related to the site and its services.

Statistical and site usage data, after being anonymized, may be used by T2M for research and analysis activities. For more details, the user can view the information regarding the processing of his or her personal data (“Data Protection Notice” ).

T2M may contact you by email to participate in surveys, requests for comments about the website and existing or to-be-created products and services. This information will not be shared with third parties, except in aggregate, and will be used only to improve the website and services.

Software user licenses

You do not acquire any rights in connection with the use of the software on the site outside of the use necessary to enjoy the services. Therefore, the user may not grant rights of use, assign or transfer licenses in connection with such software. The user is only authorized to make copies of the documents produced by the software services for personal use, subject to the prohibition against distributing, modifying, reprocessing, or deriving derivative works from the outputs in question.

Account duration

You may cancel your account at any time by writing to or by sending a registered letter with return receipt to T2M. The user will receive a notice confirming receipt of the request and subsequent deletion of the account. It is understood that the user is responsible for all activities performed with the account until the time of actual deactivation. T2M may, at its discretion, delete or temporarily suspend access to all or part of the site and services for any reason, including, without limitation, any violation of the rules described in these terms of service access.


These conditions of access have been formulated in light of the laws in force in Switzerland. The competent court for the application of these rules is the Court of Lugano (Switzerland).

These terms of access are to be applied and interpreted according to the general rules established at

The user may contact T2M by sending an email to for any communication regarding these terms of access.

The user declares that he/she undertakes to inform T2M of any violation related to these terms of access as soon as he/she becomes aware of it. In particular, in the event of legal action related to copyright infringement in relation to the materials published by the site or related services, the user is invited to report any information in his possession by writing email to T2M ” Legal and Data Protection Service “: or by sending a registered letter with return receipt to T2M.

Protection of personal data

Personal data provided by the user is protected in accordance with the provisions of Swiss Law 235.1 – Federal Data Protection Act (DPA) and thus also in accordance with Article 13 of Regulation (EU) 679/2016 (GDPR) on provisions for the protection of persons and other subjects with regard to the processing of personal data of citizens of the European Union.

On the site’s “Data Protection Policy” page, T2M discloses the management methods used to protect the privacy of readers who consult the site and users who log in.

Any personal information submitted to the site will be treated in accordance with applicable data protection regulations. Any non-personal information disclosed to T2M (including ideas, behaviors, designs, etc.) will give T2M the right to use, reproduce, display, perform, modify, publish, and distribute such non-personal information. Disclosure of such information will automatically result in its transfer, free of charge and with all full rights and powers, to T2M.

The site offers informative and interactive content. While browsing the site, the T2M site administrator may acquire information about the user, or more generally about the visitor, in the ways described below.

Navigation data

The site collects technical information related to the hardware and software used by visitors, through autonomous tools for analyzing connection files. This information relates to:

  • IP address
  • Browser type
  • Internet service providers
  • Operating system
  • Domain name and addresses of Web sites from which you accessed or output (referring pages/output)
  • Information on pages visited by readers within the site
  • Access time
  • Permanence on a page
  • Internal path analysis (clickstream)
  • Video Resolution
  • Type of connection
  • Country from which the user connects
  • Presence of installed java plugins

This information does not provide personal user data, but only technical / computer data that are collected and used in an aggregated and anonymous manner with the sole purpose of improving the quality of service and provide in the use of the site. This data is deleted immediately after processing.

Data provided by the user

These are the cases in which the user himself releases his personal data on the site, after reading the information to access certain services or send requests via e-mail. This involves the acquisition by the owner of the site of the sender’s address and / or any other personal data that will be processed exclusively to respond to the requests made or to provide the requested service. In all cases, before proceeding to the activation of a specific service, adequate information will be provided and, where necessary, the relevant consent to the processing of personal data will be obtained. This consent may be subsequently revoked at any time, invalidating the possibility of using the service in question. The collected data are kept for the time strictly necessary to achieve the purpose for which the processing is carried out, i.e. the activation/management of the requested service.


Cookies are information that can be stored on your computer while you are browsing a Web site to process and identify usage data. The cookie file is usually very small and does not contribute to the saturation of physical hard disk space. The cookie is transferred to the user’s disk for record-keeping purposes to “store” which areas of a Web site have been visited. This option saves time by allowing the user to reach the main parts of a previously visited site more quickly. There are several types of cookies:

  • Permanent, that is, they remain on the hard disk, even once the browser is closed.
  • Temporary or sessional, which are stored only for the duration of browsing and are removed from the computer when the browser is closed.
  • Third-party, generated by a website other than the one you are currently visiting.

The cookies used by the site owner are a combination of these three types: some serve only to open and maintain a session (temporary cookies). In this case, closing the session or browser will render them unusable either by us or by third parties, even if they remain physically on the PC being used (permanent cookies). For purely statistical purposes, third-party cookies are also issued for measuring aggregate information. In order to provide a site that meets the user’s expectations and interests, an ongoing analysis of the data collected in the cookies is performed; this data only and anonymously indicates how the site is used, i.e. the areas and sections deemed of greatest interest and usefulness to browsers.

You have the option to configure your browser to accept all cookies, only some, or reject them. It should be noted, however, that not accepting cookies may result in the inability to provide the service when accessing certain areas of the site. Please also note that at the end of each browsing session, the user can in any case delete both the browsing cache and the cookies collected from their hard disk.

Processing is carried out by automated means (e.g., by electronic procedures and means) and / or manually (e.g., on paper) for the time strictly necessary to achieve the purposes for which the data were collected and, in any case, in compliance with current regulations.

Disable cookies in the browser

These are instructions for configuring cookies in major browsers:

  • Chrome: Settings-> Show advanced options-> Privacy-> Content settings. For more information, see Google support or the browser’s Help.
  • Firefox: Tools-> Options-> Privacy-> History-> Custom settings. For more information, see Mozilla’s support or browser help.
  • Internet Explorer: Tools-> Internet Options-> Privacy-> Settings. For more information, see Microsoft Support or the Browser Help.
  • Safari: Preferences-> Security. For more information, see Apple Support or the Browser Help.

Limitations of liability

T2M summarizes and details “Legal Notices” and “Limitations of Liability” on a special page on the site called “Limitations of Liability.” These form an integral part of these terms and conditions.

Reading and accepting “Terms of Use and Cookies” and “Limitations of Liability”

The user may register on the site only after reading and accepting these terms and conditions and then activating the appropriate “I accept terms and conditions of use” selector and then selecting the “Create an Account” button.

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