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I approached the world of Assessment through the university course of Professor Gian Carlo Cocco, intrigued by this method of assessing human capital, which is still little known in Italy.
An all-round methodology but very clear and direct in purpose.
Thanks to the “Time to Mind” platform, in collaboration with the “Un Ponte sul Futuro” platform, I was able to experiment with the online questionnaire and touch the truthfulness of this tool.
A questionnaire, I repeat, and not an aptitude or psychometric test.
And this is because the Assessment has no interest in digging and extrapolating the psyche or character inclination of an individual, but rather in understanding how the latter knows how to use their skills in the professional work context.
In short, how does he know how to use the so-called “soft skills”.
In my case, the Assessment was specific and aimed at the category of young people, whose questionnaire turned its interest to 7 of the 23 skills recognized by neuroscience for the professional figure.
I approached the Assessment with a spirit of curiosity and challenge in measuring myself with this evaluation tool, and what paradoxically surprised me most was seeing the final report once the questionnaires were completed.
Despite a residual but sincere distrust, also given by the evaluation method which took place substantially online and not live, I was able to see how much the report had definitely hit the mark in tracing my profile with respect to the various situations and dynamics inherent to the proposed working world.
Profile in which I not only found myself extensively looking back at my little previous work experiences, but which, thanks to the related “essential guides”, gave me useful ideas to improve and refine the skills I felt the need to improve.
In particular, I found three skills among those analyzed, namely: “Results Orientation”, “Negotiation”, “Conflict Management”, preparatory for the figure of a young person approaching the world of work.
I believe the first ability is the one closest to the entrepreneurial mentality, and therefore also the one that, generically, a young person at the beginning finds himself more without it and that therefore needs attention and strengthened.
The second and third skills go hand in hand, as the young person who enters the world of work will undoubtedly have to relate to much more experienced people, with much more experience or simply daughters of a generation other than their own.
Having the ability to negotiate, understanding what is therefore the most profitable way to interact with the specific person in front of you in order to arrive at a common point, as well as learn what are the most appropriate ways to manage yourself in the face of potential circumstances of relational conflict, I believe they are fundamental pillars for the successful entry and permanence of a young professional
In addition to the aforementioned behavioral questionnaire, I was also able to carry out a “Self-Assessment” questionnaire, the aim of which is to highlight the learning style and personal propensity with respect to semantic fields not strictly connected to the professional world alone, but which they also integrated other contexts related to mental activity such as music, sensory and body-kinesthetic predisposition, linguistic and mathematical inclination, etc.
Here too it was possible to download a final report, interesting to better observe one’s style of approach in the face of certain types of external stimuli compared to one’s way of being.
In conclusion, what I feel I can affirm and advise, not only to young people but also to professionals already well rooted in the working world, is to try with their own hand the functionality, effectiveness and usefulness of this opportunity of ” Online assessment, in order to expand professional self-awareness and to have the opportunity to increase one’s production results in one’s own working reality.

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