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After the Online Assessment, before choosing the essential guide

Choice of capabilities
to be improved or strategic

Coaching and development of soft skills

Try to imagine that you completed the Time to Mind Assessment after choosing as many skills/soft skills. And also try to imagine that you had to choose only one or at most two to improve.

Why choose only one or two?

Let us use, as we have already done for the essential guides, the example of a sport, perhaps tennis. He is already a decent player, but in practice the coach says that his serve is definitely in need of improvement. In competition things do not change and he loses too many serves. What will he work on to improve? Obviously just on the serve.

Paradoxically, should he improve on everything, he would be a purely amateur tennis player. But he is not, and he chooses the paths of awareness and perseverance to put himself back in the game.

The principle of Time to Mind is the same: work on the skills that need to be improved or are deemed strategic in his or her field/work.

How to make the choice on which capacity to improve?

The results offered by the questionnaires in the form of an expression scale are already a good indication, for each skill the results are expressed on the 3 moments.

To choose the skill to be improved as a result of a Multi-Capability Assessment, identify an essential guide support first and then a self-improvement plan where a “to be improved” outcome appears, characterized by the orange color.

There may be situations where one wants to excel despite already having a very adequate foundation. For example, if he is a salesman and in the skill “Negotiation” he has achieved an “Adequate” level of expression, characterized by the green sticker, he may want to move up to the “Positive” level, characterized by the blue sticker. This is because he already knows that in order to achieve success in his work, it is necessary to perfect himself even where he already feels strong.

The choice of skills to be improved or strategic can be addressed by a qualified Assessor, who can also be activated directly on Time to Mind.

Now that you have defined the skill “to be improved” or “strategic,” you can move on to the “Essential Guide.”

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