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How to open a Free Trial Account in "www.timetomind.global"

The portal www.timetomind.global allows people to take a free trial of their Soft Skill Assessments online. This is a Video Tutorial to understand the process of signing up for the platform.

Take the free trial with the online Assessment of one Soft Skill out of the 23 available

In the Help of the platform www.timetomind.global there are instructions for “Making a Free Trial.” The Video tutorial shows an English-speaking user the procedure.

  1. “Check the “Coupons” available.
  2. Select the desired Assessment and put it in the shopping cart.
  3. Pay for the Assessment using the Coupon.
  4. Press “PAY WITH COUPONS.”
  5. Assigns the Assessment to the “Participant” in the language he/she is most familiar with indicating the e-mail address.
  6. Check in “Assessments and Outcomes” the status of completion.
  7. You will be able to see the result by selecting the “eye” icon that will appear when the “Participant” has 100% completed the Assessment. 8. If necessary, verify the status of the order and the Receipt/Invoice in “My Purchases”.


Please note: If you have assigned the Assessment to yourself you will receive an email inviting you to signing up the platform as a “Participant” and you will be able to complete the Assessment from this new account which will remain independent of the “Client” account you have previously made.

Read the Result when the "Participant" has concluded

In the Help of the platform www.timetomind.global there are instructions for Reading the outcome when the Participant has Concluded.

The Video tutorial shows a “Client” user the procedure.

The status of submitted Assessments can be found in the “Assessments and outcomes” section.

When an assigned Assessment is concluded the “bell” of the notifications signals this.

The Assessment Correspondent will be found with the status bar at 100% and the completion date will be shown in addition to the date of submission.

By selecting “Outcome” (eye icon to the right of the completion date) the result will appear in “pdf” format.

The User will be able to print and download that document.

It is also possible to check whether the Participant has selected and read the Essential Guide to Increasing Soft Skill available for him/her.

N.B. The Results are proposed to each user in the language configured by him/her in “Account settings/Preferred Languages. The Participant therefore will receive the report in the same language with which he/she was requested to complete the Assessment. The Client user, on the other hand, will receive the same Profile written in the language he/she has set up in the appropriate “Settings/Preferred Languages” tab.

Participating in an Online Assessment

In the Help of the www.timetomind.global platform there are instructions for “Participating in an Online Assessment.” The Video Tutorial shows the “Participant” user the procedure.

  1. An invitation arrives in the e-mail of the person to whom the Assessment has been assigned.
  2. The “participant” stores the initial code and follows the link he finds in the e-mail. he enters for login the same e-Mail address on which he received the invitation.
  3. He/she logs in to the platform as a “participant”, reads and accepts the “legal notice”, customizes the “password”,.
  4. Finds his Assessment characterized by one or more yellow triangles (each triangle represents a form that needs to be completed).
  5. Proceed in the execution of the Assessment.
  6. Concludes the Assessment by reading the result produced in “pdf” (which he can print and/or download).
  7. Finally, the Participant can consult the “Essential Guide to Increasing Capacity”, In tab number 5 he/she will also find suggestions to better express each individual moment (A, B or C) to be improved.

Please note: If the recipient of the Assessment is the same person who sent it, he will still have to sign-up as a “Participant.” When he/she signi in the platform as the primary user he/she will select “Customer” and put in “e-mail” and “password” as a customer, when he/she wants to perform Assessment he/she will sign in by selecting “Participant” and enter the specific “e-mail” and “password” chosen.

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