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Union of skills for the growth of Time to Mind

Independent and qualified professionals with many years of experience in providing effective solutions to companies based on Assessment methodology and the most up-to-date organizational and personal growth tools. They nationalize and customize Time to Mind platform products, personally assist large client organizations, private users and professionals in their countries or languages of expertise. They guarantee the highest attainable return on investment dedicated to Human Capital through the most up-to-date and efficient use of the Time to Mind Platform. They have a direct relationship with the Scientific Committee and provide it with continuous feedback on the real needs and evolutions of the market, receiving indications that produce solutions of immediate value for them and for clients. They participate not only productively but also financially in the success of our value offering to the market.


and to share the opportunities offered by "Time to Mind" also in your country and in your language

In particular we point out:

If you carry out coaching

The online Assessment path combined with the essential cards for targeted improvement is an irreplaceable tool for carrying out a successful coaching activity.

If you carry out selection and headhunting activities

The online Assessment system combined with the essential cards for targeted improvement is a support to the verification activity of the candidates to be verified that provides added value to the activity (speed and reliability) and to the candidates not hired offers valuable feedback on their behavioral skills.

Senior manager with many years of experience in the ICT field at financial intermediaries and banks.
In his current activity as a “Fractional Executive” and organizational consultant, he implements training, assessment and enhancement programs for soft skills in companies or departments in the ICT field. Member of the Time to Mind Partners since 03/30/2023 with certificate n. 0113, operates mainly in Italy and Ticino (Switzerland) in Italian and English.

Senior consultant, professional Assessor, specialist in both organizational and interpersonal aspects, brings over thirty years of experience to client companies on projects, including international ones, in various sectors.
His focus is on organizational innovation and he is specialized in strategic and organizational improvement projects, based on “change and transition management” programs as well as on the development of managerial skills and talents.
He has attended numerous training courses related to Skills, Leadership, Decision Making including those of Gary Klein and Daniel Kahneman. He was also Assistant to Richard LeBlanc, co-author with Victor Vroom of the Armed Forces Leadership Handbook.
Member of the Time to Mind Partners since 03/30/2023 with certificate n. 0102, operates mainly in Italy and Ticino (Switzerland) in Italian, English and Spanish.

Esperta di organizzazione e Professionista del coaching per l’imprenditoria, formatrice, specializzata in team coaching, innovazione, gestione del cambiamento, piani di successione e sostenibilità ambientale e sociale. Auditor accreditato dal 1994 sui sistemi organizzativi. Socia fondatrice di Time to Mind SA in qualità di Presidente di “BC plus Sagl” gestisce la formazione e coordina le attività internazionali di una rete di Subpartner qualificati TIME TO MIND (Équipe BC plus Sagl).
Autrice di numerosi articoli, collabora nelle attività di Digital e Social Media Marketing e nel supporto all’evoluzione della struttura della piattaforma Time to Mind.
Opera in Svizzera e in Italia da più di 30 anni, parla fluentemente francese ed italiano ed è il contatto Responsabile per l’Area francofona di TIME TO MIND.

Team BC plus Sagl

Professional coach and trainer, as well as management consultant. In these three roles, he accompanies freelancers, salespeople, teams, managers and entrepreneurs to the desired professional success. He puts to good use his many years of professional experience spent in roles ranging from Sales Manager, Marketing and Export Manager, Entrepreneur and Management Consultant and focuses his business coaching interventions on personal and corporate values.
Active member of the BC plus Sagl team since 2020, with TIME TO MIND SP-0100-002 Certificate since 03.30.2023, operates mainly in Italian and English throughout Italy.

Engineer Specialized in Ecological Transition, Agro-Industry oriented on a path of over 40 years in the sector, Agro – Technologist, “Reflection & Development” for new eco-production processes, Human Resources Management – People Management – Guidelines & Support – Monitoring and compliance with commitments.
President and founder of Boom Ecology Industry – Active member of the BC plus Sagl team since 2021, its headquarters are in the “Marseille, Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur” region and operates mainly in France and North Africa and in various countries of the MENA economic area speaking French and Arabic.

Organization consultant for more than 20 years, Trainer, Auditor on Management Systems, she works in industry and in service companies and for individuals also as a Professional Counselor registered in the register of professionals in Italy n. REG-A2326-2019 and is characterized by the somatorelational approach and the conduct of Bioenergetic practices.
Active member of the BC plus Sagl team since 2021 operates mainly in Italian and English in Lombardy – Italy.

Fashion Design, Product Management and Innovation Consultant. Working for many years for renowned luxury and lifestyle brands, she has consolidated experience in the creative management and product development processes of high-end clothing.
She studied Neuro Linguistic Programming and obtained the Practitioner and Master certification in NLP.
Member of the BC plus Sagl team since 2021, with TIME TO MIND SP-0100-005 Certificate since 03.30.2023, operates mainly in Switzerland, Italy (Lombardy) and assists activities in German-speaking areas speaking native German and fluent English, Italian and French.

She has over 30 years of national and international experience, based in Italy, America and France in strategic and operational business development and management of teams in EMEA, USA and Asia. She has consolidated specific experiences in various corporate functions (Business Development, Customers’ Services, Finance, Planning, Administration and Management Control, Human Resources, Research and Development), currently owner of the French company “Aliante BC”.
Member of the BC plus Sagl team since 2021, based in Paris, operates mainly in France, Italy, Germany, speaking fluent Italian, English and French.

Corporate Trainer, Professional Coach (EEC) and Relationship Counselor.
Graduated in Literature and Philosophy at the University of Milan, specialized in Marketing and Business Communication with a Master’s degree from the Business University, she has been conducting training initiatives for both public and private clients for over twenty years, in particular on the topics: Communication , Marketing, Sales Techniques and Customer Relations, Change Management, People Development, Teambuilding, Conflict Management, Leadership, Time Management, Public Speaking.
Member of the Time to Mind Partners since 03/30/2023 with certificate n. 0116, operates mainly in Italy (Lazio) in Italian and English.

After a long commercial managerial career in international large-scale retail and luxury companies and an entrepreneurial experience, he carries out “Fractional Executive” activities in several companies, offering his experience on projects based on the achievement of concrete and defined objectives.
The Assessment of the technical and behavioral skills of the organizations for which it works and the enhancement of soft skills are an integral part and reason for the success of its current interventions.
Member of the Time to Mind Partners since 03/30/2023 with certificate n. 0118, operates mainly in Italy (Lombardy) in Italian and English.

has been living, working and breathing hospitality for over 30 years. Professor at the University of Rome Tor Vergata where he teaches “Revenue Management” in English in the master course “Tourism Strategy, Cultural Heritage and Made in Italy, he is an expert in Revenue & Profit Management, a Hotel Manager and an established Consultant. He collaborates and has worked with many of the most important national and international Hotel Companies, including DistinctiveOne hotels & resorts, Alpitour World Hotels & Resorts (VOIhotels), Radisson Blu Hotels & Resorts, The Charming Hotels of the World, Starwood Hotels & Resorts. In 2009 he was Director for the 14 facilities used as hotels for the G8/G20 summit in L’Aquila, Italy, inside the Coppito military base, managing hospitality for more than 32 guest nations. Together with his wife Francesca, he created the Sweet Collection brand, a group of non-hotel accommodations that he manages directly.

Hr Development Consultant (Assessment-Training-Coaching-Counseling), graduate in Law and Psychology is specialized in: Transactional Analysis in organizational fields, Neuro Linguistic Programming, Behavioral Finance, Neuro Agility Profile. Since 1995 he has been working for small, medium and large companies including listed ones, having to his credit more than 20,000 hours of teaching and more than 8000 hours of Coaching and Counseling sessions. Today he holds the role of Ceo at DLM Advisor srl Strategic Business Consulting Company.

Degree in clinical psychology, specializing in cognitive behavioral psychotherapy and psychosociology of work and organizations, has over 30 years of consulting experience in multinationals, has over 10 years of application experience in the use of assessment and the basics of Time to Mind. He operates from Rome throughout Italy with particular focus in the banking sector.

With a degree in Philosophy from the University of Milan and a Diploma from the School of Dramatic Art of the Piccolo Teatro in Milan-Theatre of Europe, she is a Consultant of Creative Processes for Innovation. She has developed a “Divergent and Aesthetic Method of Creative Research for Innovation” that she has applied to training and innovative challenges of strategic importance for more than 30 years, generating successes for leading national and multinational companies. He has published articles on the topic of “Creativity for Innovation” for: Guerini Associati, ISU Università Cattolica, Este. She is coauthor of Renaissance Today (ed. Egea Bocconi, March 2019). She is an expert in Assessment methodology. She is fluent in Italian and French.

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