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Rapidity and spontaneity to define 3 levels of skill expression

Behavioral Questionnaires are an original evolution of the Assessment methodology in that they propose concrete organizational situations that require solutions or actions to be carried out that can expedite the typical operations of the Assessment methodology.

Preliminary consideration is that the human mind, before enacting a behavior, makes a quick analysis of alternatives from which to choose the one it considers most appropriate. And this is done through a mental process influenced by cognitive elements (basically conscious) and emotional elements (basically unconscious).

The Behavioral Questionnaire reproduces the same thought process and comes with a set of five alternatives of possible behavior.

The person who is given the Behavioral Questionnaires must choose one of five alternatives that is most congenial to him or her. It would be appropriate for the choice not to be weighted, but to be made quickly and spontaneously, as is normally the case in reality.

This is the secret of online Behavioral Questionnaires: they are quite similar to traditional in-person Assessments, but they take less time and can be conducted remotely.


It should be pointed out that at present many forms of application of Assessment methodology widespread in the world are “watered downi.e., reduced to the essentials in order to reduce costs or, even, degenerated in that they are mainly linked to personality tests and “sold” as Assessment and Distance Assessment

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