Refund and Cancellation Policy

On the Time to Mind platform you can purchase Assessments, Self Assessments and Post Assessment Online services which are used by one or more Users called “Participants” in one of the pre-selected languages ​​available.

The nature of the digital service provided implies the possibility that the product is received and consumed by the participant within a few minutes after the payment, thus making it impossible for the Customer to rethink and cancel the order.

In any case, if the Participant’s inactivity allows it, the Customer will have the opportunity in the next 14 days after the purchase to request cancellation of the order and the refund of the amount paid.

The terms and methods by which Time to Mind SA undertakes to satisfy the customer’s request are listed below.

  1. Cancellation and Refund on simple request for right of “reconsider and withdrawal” – Possible within 14 days of purchase if the Participant has not already completed the use of the Service.

  2. Cancellation and Refund due to service malfunction Possible within 30 days if the service is found to be defective and the Customer Support of Time to Mind ( ) has failed to offer a satisfactory or timely solution to the Participant or the Customer .

  3. Cancellation and Refund of part of a multiple order – in the event that the order transmitted concerns a certain number of different products addressed to different participants and the two previous cases occur only for some of the services purchased in that order, Time to Mind will accept also requests for Partial Refund and Cancellation.

Method of submitting the request: e-mail sent to indicating the “name” of the requesting customer, “order number”, amount, “payment transaction number”, “payment system used” (PayPal or Adyen-Credit/Debit Cards). The e-mail used must be the same of the Customer Account.

Refund method: “Time to Mind” undertakes to return all the amount actually collected in the transaction that you intend to cancel, net of the payment fees withheld by the payment system chosen by the customer (up to 5%).

The amount not collected by Time to Mind for payment commissions will in any case be returned to the customer by Time to Mind in the form of a “Discount Coupon”.

Any fees further withheld by the payment platform to execute the refund order will remain fully charged to the requesting Customer.

Refund times: Time to Mind undertakes to process the Refund as soon as possible and in any case no later than 14 days from the Customer’s request. A confirmation e-mail from will report all the details for the Customer to track the refund.

Non-applicability for the purchases of services already tried in “free trial” mode: The Customer who previously used the platform services free of charge by “free coupons” that have 100% discounted the amount to be paid (so-called “Free trial”) renounces to any request for cancellation and refund of subsequent purchases of the same kind of products previously tried for free.

Before accessing the “checkout” page of this e-commerce platform, the Customer must read and accept this “policy” doing it without reservation.

Enjoy your “Time to Mind”!

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